GRAND OPENING January 29th, 2023

Strength. Confidence. Peace.

Yoga For You

Beginner-friendly and accessible classes are here for your physical and mental well-being.

Take care of yourself with us, participating in classes that are limited in size so our teachers can focus on you.

West End Yoga Company is a safe space to relax, move, and care for yourself free of judgment.

Body and emotional wellness are waiting for you here.

Let’s Get Started

Beginner Classes

Join us for beginner classes that introduce traditional postures, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Relax your body with breathing exercises and guidance through imagery to relieve stress and realign thought processes.

Gentle, Slow, and Calm

Using slow movements, stretching, and relaxation, this class is perfect for those with limited mobility or looking for a modified yoga workout.

Slow and Strong

Create strength and challenge your mental stamina by holding active poses for extended periods. 

Roll and Release

This class aids in the release of tension using foam rollers and breathing. Great for all levels!

Discover Classes


Ease anxiety and find your peace with a form of guided meditation. Draw your attention inward as you discover the balance between wakefulness and sleep. This classes uses props to place you in the most comfortable position imaginable that you remain in through class.


Focus on breathing and awareness as your move your body into passive postures where you remain on the floor for most of class.

This class releases tension in your connective tissue and strengthens muscles.


In this relaxing, low-impact course, you use props to maintain poses. Release your mind-body tension and cultivate conscious relaxation.


Yoga is for everyone.

Use chair poses to perform movements that build self-confidence, increase flexibility, and improve muscle control.

Sound Bath

Immersive yourself in this full-body experience that uses sound and resonation to provide therapeutic and restorative meditation. 

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